While the majority of my work is weddings and couples, I love the chance to not only photograph families as well, but babies and kids. Some people look for more posed shots and use lots of props, which I can respect, but I offer something a little different. Much simpler, very few or no props, just capturing your day to day life with your family, or the new routine with a newborn. People often describe this as "lifestyle" work. I hope I'm able to represent that the type of feeling in my images that makes you feel like your getting a glimpse of someones real life at home.

This newborn session of sweet baby Audrey was so special, I was pregnant with our first baby girl so it had me even more excited. I love when furbabies are included in shoots to, and their fluffy pup was such a sweetheart with their baby. Ahh tiny newborn toes, it goes too fast.