There aren't many good reasons for me to wake up before the sun rises, however getting up that early to take some lovely sunrise photos is always an exception. Not only is the light so dreamy at that hour, but the city is unbelievably quiet. Places that are typically overbearing with people are basically silent. When I have clients wanting to shoot in popular locations in San Francisco such as the Sutro Baths, I recommend a sunrise session. Melissa & Shaun's engagement session took us to a few locations throughout the city and it made for an adventurous morning.

The pair wanted to capture the love they have for their diverse city so we started the early morning on a hilltop with a slightly foggy overlook. We had a few moments of clear skies but as soon as the fog rolled in we embraced it. Shortly after we stopped by the Sutro Baths to take in some lovely ocean views. The sun perfectly peaked through the trees, it was incredible. We finished off in the neighborhood where these two live and it was fun to capture just a typical weekend morning for them.

I can't wait for their wedding this summer!