Joe and Brynn have been family friends and close friends of my brother for a long time. My brother asked me to help shoot their intimate wedding in Orange County's O'Neill Regional Park - I was excited to have one of my favorite backdrops as the location.. it was a perfect fall day and the lighting at the time of the ceremony was idyllic. 

This dreamy wedding set the bar pretty dang high, and this couple and their families couldn't be any more fun or relaxed. It was more just like hanging out with some of the friendliest people and ridiculously cute kiddos. Oh, and Brynn just "threw" together her flowers and bouquet as if it were no big deal.. turned out perfectly. 

Thanks to this beautiful couple and congrats again... now that spring is coming can I photograph someone else's wedding in the woods? Too much to ask? :) 
I'll keep my fingers crossed.